Will I Keep Blogging?

I will keep blogging because I have some really interesting information that I’d like to share with everyone! And I really want you guys to spark an interest in technology and engineering. Here are some ideas that I might post about! Let me know what you guys think!

  • Very valuable and interesting facts about robots and technology
  • Some articles that are

Student Blogging Challenge Reflection

What I have done in 8 weeks of blogging is post about 7 posts and 4 pages. (Some are fun facts!) I’ve received a couple comments from teachers but not much because I was so far behind in blogging but now I’m all caught up. The post that I enjoyed writing the most was one that my teacher assigned which was to evaluate a scholarly article on my topic. The reason I enjoyed writing it so much was because I found an article that was very interesting on Mankind and Machines and it made me love technology and engineering even more! My plans for my blog now are to keep posting about robotics topics and post interesting facts and information that may spark your interest!

Favorite Holiday Poem

Hey fellow bloggers! I am doing a Poem on Christmas!


Everyone is Jolly!

Everyone is Happy!

We call this Christmas, and it’s time to have fun!

Don’t be gloomy! Appreciate the Beauty!

Just look at the stars, and wish for what you want!

No time to worry! No need to hurry! It’s time to relax! Be thankful and be glad!

Never feel lonely! You have a family! Savor every moment!

Enjoy Christmas!

Holidays my Family Celebrates and How we Celebrate it!

Hey, fellow bloggers! I am doing Task No.1 which is “Family Celebrations: Write about the holidays your family celebrates” Hope you love reading! 🙂

The holidays that my family celebrates is Christmas and Thanksgiving! There’s more that we celebrate but we mainly celebrate those ones! We celebrate Christmas by inviting my grandma on my dad’s side, but sometimes my grandma on my mom’s side comes over but very rarely. Sometimes my aunt on my dad’s side comes over but she lives in Florida so she rarely comes to see us. When Christmas Day comes, we wait for my grandma to come over so she can watch us open presents. Every year my dad always makes cinnamon rolls or cookies for us to eat in the morning for breakfast after opening all of our presents. We also celebrate Thanksgiving but we do it a little bit differently than everyone else. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving day. We either celebrate it before Thanksgiving day or after. The reason we celebrate it that way is because a bunch of personal things happened on Thanksgiving day between our family and so my mom doesn’t like to celebrate it on the actual day. Every year for Thanksgiving my mom makes her Lemon Cheesecake that is AMAZING! Don’t worry we still have pumpkin pie but hardly anyone eats it because my mom’s Cheesecake is better. When we Celebrate these holidays…I always think of how better it would be with my older brother there with me. For the past 7 years so far (8 if I include this year) my brother hasn’t been there for Christmas or Thanksgiving!

Image Task Cards

For the week 3 challenge we are challenged to find Images that are free to use without copyright! I looked for an image that is free to use which was this Image from www.pics4learning.com! They didn’t have many Images to choose from for my topic, but I found this one which is close to my topic which is Robotics! I searched Robotics and this Image appeared and it was close enough to my topic!


How NOT to use Copyright Photos

When using photos for a project at school or for work you want to make sure that they are free to use. If the photos aren’t free to use then you either give credit to the people that made the image or just use a similar image that is available for you to use without the copyright, or just make your own by taking a picture or sketching what you want.

All about my Avatar

I used Cartoonify to make my avatar. My avatar is important to me because it symbolizes me in what I look like! The hair that I chose for my avatar kinda looks like my own hair when I don’t do anything special to it, and the glasses that I chose for my avatar kinda look like my own glasses that I wear on a daily basis. My avatar isn’t too special, but it’s very unique.